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Welcome to Peaceful Separation and Divorce, LLC. We are glad you chose to investigate our approach to resolving Family Law Disputes.


We do not litigate, nor do we fight or take sides. We don’t take positions. We don’t try to have one party gain an advantage over the other.
We don’t hide information or hide assets. Other Family Lawyers may choose to proceed in that archaic, expensive, hurtful, dispute-filled world.
We simply choose not to.

    • Philadelphia Divorce Mediation Services

      Philadelphia Divorce Mediation Services

      Save thousands on legal fees and reduce the stress of divorce when you decide your own terms in mediation or collaborative law.

    • Child Custody Mediation in PA

      Child Custody Mediation in PA

      Mediation is better for your children’s well-being. Avoid a custody battle and find solutions that are best for you and your children.

    • Case Settlement

      Case Settlement

      It is never too late to mediate your divorce. Bring an end to litigation, avoid court and prevent excessive legal fees.


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We have litigated divorces through the courts, since that time and have seen the pain and destruction that process can, at times, cause. We have chosen to move in a different direction…the direction of peace, respect, honor and healthy process. We hope you will join us.

Our founder, Lee Schwartz, is a former Chair of the Family Law Section of the Philadelphia Bar Association and former President of the Nicholas A. Cipriani Family Law American Inn of Court. For many years, he has taught, and continued to teach other family lawyers so they can obtain their Continuing Education Credits to maintain their law license. He has also been designated as a Super Lawyer.

The mediators at Peaceful Separation and Divorce believe mediation is the right, peaceful, and respectful path. It is a path which when people reach the end of it, they can maintain a healthy and respectful relationship with both their ex-spouse or partner and their children, if they have children

This, however, is not a new path for us. We have been mediating divorces for over 45 years combined. Why, then, create Peaceful Separation and Divorce? Because it is time to separate this peaceful practice from the litigation practice.



    • September



    Your Options for Divorce

    Options & Alternatives for Divorce Couples Should Consider Ending a marriage is never a pleasant experience. While people often associate the divorce process as expensive and emotionally draining, there are many alternatives to traditional litigation. Depending on the facts of your case and your relationship with your spouse, you may want to consider alternative methods

    • July



    Why Divorce Mediation Is a Good Idea

      Is Mediation a Good Idea in Divorce: The Pros & Cons If you are considering a divorce, it is important to know there are alternative options to the traditional litigation process. Private mediation is an alternative collaborative divorce process which can benefit divorcing parties while also helping them to reach a fair outcome. Unless

    • September



    What to Expect In Divorce Mediation

    You have probably heard divorce mediation takes much less time and money than litigation, and that is true. Divorce mediation also allows you and your spouse to determine how your family lives going forward, without a judge telling you what to do. But what can you expect when you enter into divorce mediation? In this

    • February



    What is Equitable Distribution?

      Equitable Distribution in Pennsylvania Divorce Equitable distribution is the legal doctrine Pennsylvania Courts use during the division of marital property, i.e., property acquired during the marriage, and marital debts during a divorce. Specifically, the equitable distribution process means marital property is “fairly” divided during a divorce. The value of non-marital property on the date

    • February



    What Happens After Divorce Mediation

    Ideally, the divorce mediation process produces a settlement agreement. This agreement allows you and your spouse to proceed with your divorce amicably. This is because mediation creates a marital settlement agreement which memorializes all of the issues which must be resolved during a divorce, such as property division and child custody and support. The divorce

    • May



    The Types of Divorce Mediation Available in Pennsylvania

    Divorce mediation is a cost-effective method for couples to resolve their disputes as opposed to litigated divorce. As divorce mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution, there is no one size fits all approach. Accordingly, several types of divorce mediation can help couples reach a mutually agreeable divorce settlement in Pennsylvania. The Philadelphia divorce

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